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See Product Details:  360Abyss Version 4.0 (Crush Depth 1,000 Meters)

VR Innovation built for the serious divers.

The 360Abyss™ v4 positions six cameras in a spherical order. Therefore allowing content creators to capture fully spherical 360 x 180 degree 360 video content. Afterwards, post production software stitch together individual videos from each camera  to create 360° videos. 360RIZE has solved the image distortion issue all multi-camera 360 video rigs face underwater. A camera loses about 30 degrees of its field of view when underwater. This is due to light bending as it passes through water. The frame overlap between each camera in a 360 rig underwater presents a huge issue with frame overlap. The domes on the 360Abyss™ correct this lens distortion.  Furthermore providing a crystal clear image for each camera in the rig while underwater. This makes it possible to stitch underwater 360 video footage with the same ease one would stitch spherical footage filmed above water.

Design in mind that can handle the pressure.

The housing is constructed from anodized aluminum and poly-carbonate doors that produce a neutral buoyancy to depths of 984′ in salt water. Camera domes are constructed from a mixture of acrylic and poly-carbonate for high-strength and optical clarity. To ensure a single leak won’t cause harm to more than one camera, each camera is housed in an isolated individual compartment.  Eight standard threaded 3/8″-16 corner mounts allow divers to connect the 360Abyss™to multiple accessories. For example, accessories include a tripod or tray, or lighting. A 45° side mount attachment enables mounting to submarines, ROVs, and other underwater vehicles.

Full Camera Control Underwater

The 360Abyss™ features a system that allows divers to operate the housing’s six cameras in unison. The 360Abyss™ features the ability to control power on, off, and record using a magnetic underwater switch.

See Full Product Details:  360Abyss Version 4.0 (Crush Depth 1,000 Meters)